SYSTEMIC Demonstration plants

SYSTEMIC, which stands for ‘Systemic large scale eco-innovation to advance the circular economy and mineral recovery from organic waste in Europe, is a European Commission H2020 project which aims to demonstrate the economic viability of recovering and reusing nutrients from bio-waste, animal manure and sewage sludge for agriculture. The project involves 15 consortium partners, is coordinated by Wageningen Environmental Research, and was launched in June 2017.

At the very core of the project are the demonstration plants. The demonstration plants are all privately owned biogas plants that have invested in Nutrient Recovery and Reuse (NRR) and plan, with support of the SYSTEMIC project, to further invest in and innovate with NRR technologies in order that they may develop fertilising products that meet farmers’ needs and contribute to making nutrient recovery from organic waste a viable business opportunity.

In the first newsletter of SYSTEMIC, the demonstration plants are presented showing the range of drivers which led each of the plants to pursue the investment in nutrient recovery. More detailed information on the current and envisaged process can be found in the Factsheets of the demonstration plants.

The following demonstrations plants are part of SYSTEMIC

- Acqua and Sole’s plant (Italy)

- AM Power (Belgium)

- Groot Zevert Vergisting (The Netherlands)

- Rika Biofuel’s Fridays (United Kingdom)

- BENAS-GNS (Germany)

The partners in SYSTEMIC will support the demonstration plants through the development of the nutrient recovery plans, advising them on the implementation and further optimisation and the testing of their prod-ucts but also on the wider development of the market. The project will also tackle the important policy and regulation barriers that prevent the further expansion of this vital contribution to our circular economy.

Other interesting information about the demonstrations plants can be found under “Projects deliverables” in the “Downloads” section of the SYSTEMIC website

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