SYSTEMIC Outreach Locations

Spread over Europe, eleven large-sized anaerobic digester plants have been selected as outreach locations. All outreach locations have a strong interest in opportunities for Nutrient Recovery and Reuse (NRR) and want to find out if this could be a sustainable and profitable way to prepare their business for the future. All outreach locations offer excellent opportunities for implementation of NRR technologies, enhancement of existing NRR technologies and/or optimization of their business case.

The following plants are linked to SYSTEMIC as Outreach Locations:

  • Biogas Bree (Bree, Belgium)
  • Biogas plant Bojana (Čazna, Croatia)
  • Biogastur (Navia-Asturias, Spain)
  • Emeraude Bio-Énergie (Lamballe, France)
  • GMB BioEnergie (Lichtenvoorde, The Netherlands)
  • Greengas AD (Limerick, Ireland)
  • SCRL Kessler (Attert, Belgium)
  • Biogas plant Makassar (Torregrossa, Spain)
  • Waterleau New Energy (Ieper, Belgium)
  • Waternet (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

All these plants are described in the Factsheet of the outreach locations, providing more information about the location, date of construction, size, biogas production, treatment capacity, digester type, feedstock sources, technologies/processes (to be) implemented, drivers, successes and challenges, final produced products and potential markets.

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